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'Blessed Greetings!'
Welcome to our Vision!

We are 'Women of God' dedicated to answering the call that He has placed on our lives. God is calling 'now' for women to be committed to His kingdom work in the vineyard of souls. What He wants to know from us... 'Are we sold out to His will and His way?' To become His vessels of honor, carrying His Word to those who are yet trapped in the bondage and strongholds of religious tradition. Allowing ourselves to be used by God for 'whatever' purpose He has predestined, with His anointing and His power to be continuously victorious! 'Are you willing?'
'A New Vision for this Ministry'
We have a 'new vision' for the Women of God ministry. As visionary for this great ministry, and having witnessed the great work that has already been done, the Holy Spirit has placed an additional endeavor for this ministry to work toward. As we reach those hurting, focusing on educating and motivating we will also support and encouragement our sisters in the gospel who may need 'refreshing' and 'refilling' to continue the work they're doing.
We are helpers one of another, we want to be diligent in our efforts to win souls to Christ, but we don't want to forget to help others in the gospel with prayer, support and encouragement in ministering to their needs.
Our Purpose:
Dedicated to the Empowerment
of Women

Our Motto:
'Women Designed For Purpose'

Our Mission:
To touch the spirit of women everywhere; educating, enriching and empowering them with the Word of God!

The scripture says in Jeremiah 9:17 "...send for the skillful women to come". The Lord wants women who know to follow His instructions just as He has said, without doubt, question or challenge. Women that know 'who' they are 'in Him' and how to execute His power and anointing as a skillful warrior! This is the season for 'Women of God!'

'For such a time as this.'

What You'll Find At This Site...
If you need encouragement to uplift you as you're going through a particular situation in your life, it is here!
Take advantage of our 'FREE MINISTRY MATERIALS' available here, you can also receive the 'WORD DEVOTIONAL'
to your email. If you have a prayer request, special need or you have a suggestion, feel free to send it to us, by letter, email or on our 'Response' page.
The Women of God Ministry will keep you lifted up in prayer and believe by faith that God 'will' move in your behalf!'

'As empowered women of God, by faith, our prayers avail much to touch the lives of others!'
'The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous one avails much and brings great success.' James 5:16

Our Ministry Symbols
and their Meaning

The 'bible' represents the spiritual boldness and powerful anointing, of the woman of God.
The 'rose' represents the grace and beauty that adorns her from the righteousness of God.


'Women of God 'called out by God' for such a time as this!'